Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap!

What a great weekend!  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family.  On Saturday, I went to another book club meeting.  This time we discussed The Last Child by John Hart.  It was a great book!  There were 6 of us at the meeting who had read the book, and we all agreed it was fantastic.  Sure, it had some parts that we all could have done without, but it was written very well and provided lots of thought and discussion.  I highly recommended it!

Saturday night, we went out to eat with Hubby's family to a wing place.  To say I was excited to be eating wings is an understatement.  Someone at work mentioned wings at work last week, and ever since, I have HAD to have them!  Yummmm...wings :)

Sunday was all about C and Hubby (and Copper too!)  We had a relaxing day at home.  I did feel bad for C though.  At one point Hubby and I thought C really needed to get some energy out, so we got C dressed, sunscreen on and ready to go....only to realize once Hubby and C got to the door that it had started raining!  Oh no!  Since it was a calm rain, Hubby decided to take C on a walk in the rain.  So they grabbed an umbrella and off they went!  It was such a relaxing family day.  I hope to have more in the future!!

Crazy Mushrooms growing outside our building!

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  1. You have no idea how happy I am that I'm not the only one with weird mushrooms growing outside. I saw at least 4 different kinds on my walk this morning alone (and that wasn't very far!)