Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend and Water Update!

Wow! What a weekend! I started Saturday off with hosting a book club. I had 3 fabulous ladies over (usually there’s more, but with summer those last minute plans/illnesses take over!) We talked about The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Have you read it? It’s actually a children’s book, but I loved it! I thought it was a great book and really touched on the topic of growing up. There is so much to say, but I don’t want to give anything away! I know the book isn’t for everyone, so I promise if you read it and don’t like it, I won’t be hurt!

Next it was off to a surprise birthday party for my big(gest) sister! Her birthday isn’t until this Saturday, but we figured she would be more surprised if it was early than on the day of! We had a pool party at my niece’s house (her daughter put the whole thing together and did a great job!)

Not to take away from my sister, but did you notice the POOL party part? Remember the water phobia we’ve been dealing with? Well, a couple nights before, we finally got C to take a bath without as much screaming and flailing, all we had to do was sing the song “Goldfish” by Laurie Berkner! Who knew?!?

Anyway, we got to my niece’s house and C saw the pool and was so excited! Hubby and I looked at each other, shrugged, and asked C if he wanted his bathing suit on to go in the pool, “Yeah!” was the response we got. Once again, we looked at each other shrugged. This is what happened….

Fun in the pool with daddy!

I want to get in...but don't help!

He climbed onto the step all by himself!  He actually stayed on the step for awhile, just chillin' and splashin'!

And a cupcake to finish to the day!

We did not leave the pool for the rest of the party! We missed the birthday girl showing up at the party, we almost missed singing Happy Birthday, and we missed talking to a lot of people at the party who didn’t swim. Oh well…C had a great time and did not want to leave! We were just so excited about his excitement that we didn’t want to discourage the water fun!

So, maybe we on our way out of water phobia…or maybe he was just so excited to play with all his cousins, aunts, Poppy, and daddy in the water that that overrode the desire to run as far away as possible screaming from the water on that one day.


  1. Bummed to have missed book club - but SO happy C seems to be getting over his water phobia!

  2. It was funny how every time we asked if he wanted to go into the water he would shake his head no but when I finally asked if he wanted to go into the pool he said "Yeah" but then changed his mind when he realized I meant the water. I was glad when we finally got him into the pool because that meant he didn't need me to throw the beach ball out of the water to him from the deep end anymore. It was lots of fun playing with him in the water and I was happy I got to see everyone else also.