Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend

Has anyone else notices how short the weekends are?  Just when they really start, they end.  What's up with that?

Saturday morning, the boys decided to let us sleep in a little, until 8am!  Hubby got the oil changed in his car while I stayed home with the boys...then I went to a consignment sale (where I got some awesome new-looking clothes for N) while Hubby stayed home with the boys.  Then, and this is why my Hubby rocks, I went to a book club meeting with some great girl friends (including Darcie and Becky), while he stayed home with the boys, again.  We had a great time!  We read (well, I started to read, working on finishing now) Loving Frank: A Novel by Nancy Horan and visited one of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes.  The house was awesome, and I totally want to move there.  The day ended with playing with the boys, and Chinese food with the Hubby.

A side view of Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House.

Be sure to check out Becky's blog for more pictures today, and a book review tomorrow!

And this is what I saw when I walked in the door at home.

Sunday was a total family day, and it rocked!  We woke up early again, got some laundry done, finished Big Love, played some games, went to lunch and then Sam's Club.  At home, we relaxed, napped, watched a movie, and played some more!

The big news of the weekend is C's potty training.  There were some accidents Saturday morning, but none at all Saturday afternoon or Sunday!  That includes nap both days, and while we were out and about Sunday!  I am so excited and happy for him...and while I am excited at the idea of only 1 in diapers, a little sad for me...he's growing up too fast!  I'll try to get a post up soon about our potty training adventure!
Sittin' on the potty.

 And what good is potty training without some underwear fun!
(Sorry pic is fuzzy, iPhone camera with moving toddler!)

See what I mean about an awesome weekend?  Friends and family quality time, who could ask for more??  Monday morning?  If you must come so soon, you better have a big mug of coffee waiting for me!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Car Seat Guidelines

New car seat guidelines were announced by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The new guidelines are: rear-facing until the age of 2, using a booster seat until 4 feet 9 inches (ranging in age from 8-12), and children should ride in the backseat until age 13.

For some, these are big changes.  Because of Hubby's job, we were aware 2 years ago of the push being made to change the guidelines for infants from forward facing from 1 year and 20 pounds to 2 years and 30 pounds.  After doing much research, we did what we felt was right for our family.  C has always been small, so we felt more comfortable with his rear facing until age 2 (he just now 30 pounds, and he could still be rear facing in his current seat).  This is what was right for OUR family at the time, we will keep N rear facing until at least age 2, maybe longer (I do sometimes feel that C should still be rear facing.)

I'm going to share some resources we found helpful in our research in hopes of helping others making this decision now.  While all of the resources are pro-extended rear facing, I am not judging anyone who decides that it is not for them and their family.  If anyone has any resources they would like to share, please do, but please be respectful.

Here is an article about the announcement.

An article about the reasoning behind extended rear facing.

A newer article with helpful hints when rear facing and choosing car seats.

There are also videos on YouTube, but I won't post any because I find many them very upsetting.

A useful site by NHTSA when looking for a new seat. It rates the ease of use on many car seats.

There are many, many other useful sites, these are just a few that I find helpful.

Good luck with your decision!

C at 1 year 8 months.

The last time C rear faced at age 2.

4 months

This post is a little late, but here it is!

N is 4 months old!  I cannot believe the time is going so fast.  He's such a sweet little guy, so happy and talkative.  I LOVE coming home and seeing him smile and giggle as soon as he sees me.  He's very close to rolling over....from back to front!  He loves seeing his big brother and I'm sure he's just dreaming of the day he can steal all his toys play with him.  He loves to play with toys and play on his playmat.  He's still not fond of being on his tummy, but he's starting to spend more time there looking around and watching everything going on around him.  He's sleeping well now at night.  He usually sleeps for about 5 hours, eats a little snack, then wakes up 2-3 hours later for a full meal and to start his day.  

I am so excited to watch him grow and see all the new things he starts to do!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Scene

I'm joining Katie from Loves of Life in sharing our Saturday morning scene.  

N getting ready to go shopping with Mommy!  We had so much fun out and about, just the two of us :-)

What are you doing this beautiful Saturday?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March can be over now...

A little note, this post will probably be very wordy.  I apologize.

I usually love March.  The beginning of the month can bring some snow (and snow days!) and by the middle of the month birds are out, flowers are starting to sprout, sun is shining on a semi-regular basis, we get extra time to play outside in the evenings.  Other than a few allergy issues, March is usually pretty awesome.  Well, March of 2011, you can leave now and don't call me, I'll call you.

My family has been sick since March started!  First it was C with a sinus infection.  Next is was C was some kind of respiratory virus and N had a cough for some unknown reason (probably a cold, or just because he's a baby and that's something they do).  Then, Hubby got some kind of tummy issue at the same time that C was up vomiting in the middle of the night.  That lead to Hubby recovering for a couple days, it was the tummy issue that wouldn't leave (I guess it wasn't taking the hint we were ready for him to be gone.)  By the end of the week, C and Hubby were finally able to start thinking about eating, when my throat got scratchy, N got grouchy, and C's ear started dripping like a faucet.  I had strep throat (what???  I thought it was a sinus infection oops!), C had a major ear infection and probable strep throat, and N, my poor little not yet 4 month old, strep!  A couple days go by, N and I are feeling better...C is getting worse.  His antibiotic did not work on his ear infection!  Onto another antibiotic (his third for the month of March).

Baby N not feeling very well.

C's doing so much better, he's eating regularly again, we're thisclose to trying to wear underwear outside the house...then Tuesday happens.  C had a little cough and runny nose when he woke up.  Nothing major.  No need for his neb treatment.  He woke up from nap at school with a horrible cough and couldn't stop coughing the whole way home!  Poor little dude!  We get a treatment in hour later, he's coughing again.  Another treatment, and this one only lasts about 45 min!  We call the doc, head to the ER and are there for about 5 hours!  Who knew the ER was so busy on a Tuesday night?!?  Lots of breathing treatments, an X-ray, and some other meds, we are sent home with instructions to see doc again on Thursday.  And Thursday?  HA!  We thought he was doing better.  He wasn't coughing as much, he wanted to play, no fever since Tuesday night...we're golden, just need another couple days on the nebs and all will be good.  NOPE!  More treatments at doc, put on oxygen, X-rays and two pharmacies later...he's got pneumonia!  Yep...pneumonia.  So March of 2011, you can be over now.  Don't let April hit ya on your way out.

C?  He was a trooper through all this.  Some grouchiness, and sleepless nights, but overall he was a champ.  He's such a happy, good little dude, I couldn't have asked for better!

C getting a neb treatment at the ER.  What a cool mask!

C after his X-ray.  He thought the rolling bed was the best thing ever!  
And loved getting pictures taken "of his insides"!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene

Decided to try something new this morning and link up with Loves of Life to share our Saturday Morning Scene!  Be sure to head over to see what others are doing and share how you are spending this Saturday!

C watching Thomas cartoons while eating his breakfast on the couch. 
Cooper just waiting to see if C will decide to "share" his waffle. 

N playing in his swing, already dressed, waiting for our busy day to begin!