Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Wow!  What a busy, emotional weekend.  Saturday, Hubby and I went to the Virginia Tech game.  I picked this game because it was supposed to be relaxing and easy on me, meaning I should have been able to just sit and relax after the first quarter...yeah, that did not happen.  It was pouring rain and, well, let's just say the team had some issues.  Yes, we lost, and all I'm going to say about it is it sucked.  We had a lot of fun before the game hanging out with family. 

Hubby and I before the game!  Excuse the lack of make up :)
We woke up at 6am to drive 4 hours and then left right after the game, soaking wet to drive another 4!

Sunday was spent relaxing and trying to get over the game Saturday.  A very lazy day until 3:00.  There was a back to school picnic at school.  C had a great time showing Hubby his cubby (but didn't want to go near his classroom!) and playing.  They had a bouncy slide that Hubby took him on, not once, but twice, and a smaller bounce house that C did not want to leave.  We were supposed to have a carousel as well, but the one they delivered was broken, so it turned into what I called the "Photo Op Carousel" and a co-worker called a "Statue of a Carousel."  We all had a lot of fun! 

Pointing out his cubby, also known as where his hat goes :)

Fun in the bounce house!

C and Hubby waiting for the first slide.


C going down the slide by himself!

So much fun! 

Almost forgot about Firefighter C!


So happy, I love that smile!

And of course, we can't forget how our weekend ended...with a Redskins win against the Cowboys!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School!

C had a great first day of school! We had a rough start because he wanted more breakfast and we didn't have enough time, so we will have to start a little earlier today :) Don't worry, I didn't let him starve! He ate a nutra-grain bar and some milk in the car. Once we got to school, he was very excited to find where his hat went "Where hat go?" Once inside Ms. T's class, he wasn't so sure, but quickly started playing, even through some tears. The key to stop crying you ask? The playground of course! The rest of the day was smooth sailing. He did some work, made a few new friends, ate lunch and even took a great nap! I wasn't able to take any pictures after I left him in the morning (well, I did sneak in a nap time!) because if he saw me, the tears would have started again, but hopefully we will have more pictures to share of his classroom soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Illness, Preschool, Nails, Eyebrows and Stuff

I feel like it's be forever since I've written!  You should really thank me though, I have been moody!  Poor C is feeling better, but he's still not sleeping well.  Which means that I have not been sleeping well.  Totally not Hubby's fault, he tried to help, but C has decided he is totally in love with his Mama (yes, he will now call Mama, just not to my face, currently I am "That" to my face.)  I love my little guy being in love with me, but really?  It gets old when you are the only one that can get up with him 500 times during the night, the only one who can talk him down from a crying fit, the only one that can cuddle with him when a million things need to get done around the get the point.  Anyway, C only wanting me in the middle of the night means that I am getting little sleep (I am hoping his good sleeping habits come back soon!) and leave me moody during the day.  I cannot even nap if he is awake because he wants to watch TV and play on the bed while I nap. 

C is feeling much, much better.  A little over a year ago we had tubes put in his ears, and he has not had a hint of an ear infection.  However, he did have a small infection in both his ears with this last illness :(  The doctor said one tube has already fallen out, and the other looks like it will soon.  So now, we are on ear infection watch.  If he starts to get them often enough, back to the ENT for more tubes.  Poor guy.  Hopefully it won't be a problem, but I'm not holding out too much since he has already had a slight double ear infection and they aren't even completely out yet...come on ears, prove me wrong!

Anyways....we decided to put C in preschool! Previously I have mentioned that I was nervous about sending him to school, even the one I work at. But, the director gave us an offer we could not refuse, so off to school he goes. We are very excited! He will still be with my mom 2 days a week until I go back to work after my maternity leave, but I know she's sad and he will miss her. But, Hubby and I both think he will benefit so much from being with non-family members and around other kids. I am still nervous about sending him to school, but his teacher is actually a good friend of mine and that helps, plus because of so many allergies in the school, we will be completely peanut and tree nut free! Previously, the director has allowed staff to have this stuff in the staff room...not ideal at all. Even though nuts are not his "big" allergy, egg is, I am feeling pretty comfortable. Anyone have a good egg, peanut and tree nut free recipe for cupcakes or brownies that freeze well??

My mother-in-law treated me and my sister-in-law to pedicures and eyebrow waxes over the weekend! I have not had a pedicure in so long! In an attempt to save money, I stopped going (granted, I was only getting them done every couple of months.) I cannot express how good it felt! Someone else rubbing me feet (Hubby does a great job, but usually gets distracted, totally not complaining though!) and calf's, putting lotion on them (my toes are no longer dry from wearing sandals all summer!) and then the hot towel at the end? Oh my goodness, talk about a little bit of Heaven! I wanted to try the shade of polish that Becky suggested, but they didn't have it, so I ended up going with the same as my in laws...and if you know them, you will not be surprised at all of the color choice...

Yes, Virginia Tech Hokie colors! I cannot remember the name of the shade off the top of my head, but it is bright orange! I even got a VT tattoo put on my big toes, cute huh?

My poor eyebrows though...I loved my eyebrows. They have a nice natural arch to them, and really only need to be touched up, which is great for me! The nail place had a new eyebrow person. When I went in, I made sure to point out that I only wanted I touch up, I do not want thin eyebrows. She said okay, and complimented the nice natural arch of my eyebrows. So, I'm laying there and she waxes, and I cry a little because it HURTS!!! And then she starts to pluck (okay, this is normal) and pluck and pluck and pluck and waxes again (?) and this point I start to get a little worried...but really what can I say? Please stop so my eyebrows are completely uneven and only half finished. So she finishes and says...are you ready...she says "I went ahead and made them thin because your eyebrows are so close to your eyes." WHAT!!!!!! I reminder her that I didn't want thin eyebrows, but apparently she knows much better than me, and even said that it's trendy now to have thin eyebrows. I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. Yes, they looked great, yes, I could see what she meant about them being close to my eyes...but A. I am too lazy busy to maintain thin eyebrows, and B. I am too cheap to upkeep thin eyebrows! I even responded to her "Thin eyebrows are trendy right now." I said "I don't care about trend, do I look trendy?" Her response?? This really made me angry..."Well, they will grow back." AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! If someone else hadn't been paying and I was trying not to make a scene...I try really really hard not to make scenes in front of my in-laws (my family has no problems with creating scenes, in fact, I think we seeks them out)... I would have said something to the owner and left no tip...bitchy? Maybe, but I just wanted to cry and couldn't believe that instead of saying sorry or anything even hinting that she heard me, she said THEY WOULD GROW BACK!!!

Like I said, they don't look bad, but for someone who didn't want thin eyebrows, they are way too thin!!!
And sorry about the bad's about 10:30 at night and no make up!

Okay, sorry...moodiness, I told you, it comes out of nowhere sometimes! Seriously though, my eyebrows do look nice...but I HATE maintenance...I'm lucky if I put make up on twice a week! And now when they do start to grow back I even have to MAINTAIN them, or let them look all hairy for a while until they fill back in again...and who can guarantee that they will fill in the same again!!!

Man, this was a really long post. If you read all of it, you deserve a prize. Thanks for reading and letting me complain and be excited! I am so excited about C starting school! I will be sure to post pictures and let you know how his first day goes! Hope everyone has a great day. And Go Hokies!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt got me bad yesterday.  As I had to leave my sick little boy at my moms house while I went to work.  I was mad, I was angry, I was frustrated, I was sad.  I've never had to leave him when he wasn't feeling well before.  I work in the office of a school, and school starts next really this is a the worse week ever for C to get sick.  Luckily, I have a great boss who understands needing to take the little guy to the doctors, but there is so much to do that I just cannot take the day off.  (Obviously, if there was a big emergency, or C was even sicker, I would work something out and stay home.) 

Leaving a crying child behind is hard enough, C doesn't cry often when we leave him with our parents, but he does sometimes and it's not easy.  However, leaving a child who just wants to cuddle because he's not feeling well, and you're leaving to go to WORK...just SUCKS!!!!  I couldn't imagine anything that felt worse yesterday.  Of course, I know that we are so very lucky to have what we do, there are people who are so much worse off than we are...but that thought was not helping at all yesterday.  But, mommy guilt, not a nice thing at all!

Luckily today, Hubby is able to stay home and take C to the doctors...again.  At his check up yesterday his oxygen levels were still not the best, but they did respond to his treatment.  The doctor kept mentioning he might need to go be monitored at the ER if his oxygen levels didn't get better.  He's also not able to make it the 4 hours between treatments without going into distress (meaning his body is relying on the treatment to help him breath, not using it a tool to get better.)  He started yet another med yesterday, an allergy medicine this time to try to knock out the congestion to see if that helps.  So now is on 3 oral medications and his breathing treatment. 

I hate giving him so many meds.  How could a good mom let her child get to the level of needing so many meds???  One of which is a steroid and another is helping him breath.  I know, logically, that there was nothing we could do to prevent this.  When kids get sick, they get sick fast and big.  But, mommy guilt is not a nice thing at all!

So, today should be a full day at work getting things done around the office that have been pushed aside while Hubby stays home and helps C feel better.  Hubby is a WONDERFUL father.  I could not have asked for a better partner.  But, I can't help but be angry that I have to go to work.  I can't help but feel jealous that Hubby is able to take a full day off while I was only able to take a couple hours.  I can't help but feel upset that I feel this way. 

Mommy Guilt....not a nice thing at all...