Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sick Kid

Having a sick kid is never fun!  Having a sick kid the week before school starts is just mean and cruel.  Poor C started having a runny nose on Saturday, we're pretty sure because of allergies.  On Sunday morning he woke up with a fever and cough.  We were still thinking allergies just getting out of control so we started him on some breathing treatments, and that seemed to help with his nap.  But at bedtime, his cough was worse, his fever was higher and the treatment only helped for a short time.  Poor guy was up most of the night.  We finally brought him to our bed because then we could at least sleep and he could sit there looking us...seriously, that's all he really wanted to do (well, that and watch a movie.)  Basically between Saturday night with his runny nose and Sunday night with his cough, no one in the house got much sleep (except maybe the dog!) 

I took C to the doctor yesterday, and she agrees it probably started as allergies, but quickly evolved into something else.  Either bronchitis or pneumonia (don't worry anyone we saw on Saturday, pretty sure he was not contagious then, just developed quickly due to allergies.)  So she prescribed some pretty heavy duty things to help knock out bronchitis and we go back today to see if it's working.  I think it is.  His fever didn't get as high last night, and he slept a lot more last night.  If we go back though and he's still wheezing, and not responding at all to his treatment like yesterday, he will be sent for chest x-rays :(  Fingers crossed!!! 

Anyway, sorry if this was jumbled.  While I slept more last night than the two nights before, I was still up a couple times listening at the door to make sure he was breathing okay.  Can I just say that one of the saddest sounds in the world is the sound of a little guy not being able to breath...especially while they sleep. 

C insisted on doing his treatment himself!  What a big guy!

A lot has happened since my last post, and I hope to get something up soon!  Life is crazy, and I had hoped for a few more months before I lost so much sleep at night!  Hope everyone is having a great week and someone out there is getting all the sleep I am not :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Third Trimester!

Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!  I cannot believe that I am finally there!  28 weeks!!!  Third trimester!!  Crazy!  Sometimes I feel like this pregnancy is going too fast, there is still soooo much to do...but other times, it doesn't seem to be moving at all!  But third trimester, that's huge! 

I had an ultrasound on Friday and to say it went well, would be an understatement!  I don't remember ever coming out of one these appointments with C feeling so good about the pregnancy.  Baby is actually measuring right where he should and was wiggling around like crazy!  I do have to say, I did wonder just how big his is measuring because both the ultrasound tech and doctor said "Okay, looks great.  He's measuring 2.5 pounds.  How big was your first?"  "4 pounds, 14 ounces."  "Oh, hmmmm, well, he (pointing to the ultrasound) looks great."  What does that mean???  Is he a monster baby or something??  I looked it up and 2.5 pounds is right on for 28ish weeks, maybe a little closer to the 29th week end, but considering they moved my due date to a week later, I think it sounds pretty good to me!  Now I just have to wait 4 more weeks to make sure he's still growing like he should. 

I had the nicest ultrasound tech though.  She was very talkative, asking about C, and telling me about her own daughter and how different it is now than it was 18 years ago.  Then, she gave me a big surprise!  Their machines are able to do 3D ultrasounds, but they don't do them for everyone.  I guess they mainly use them as a diagnostic tool. But, she took a quick look for me!  It's crazy what you can see!  I think he already looks like his big brother!

Now that I am in the third trimester, I am hoping to move on from this gathering mode, and into full on nesting mode!  Of course, that involves getting baby things from my grandparents garage, and doing something with our dining room table.  Hmmm...maybe a couple more days of non-nesting mode is in order :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap!

What a great weekend!  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family.  On Saturday, I went to another book club meeting.  This time we discussed The Last Child by John Hart.  It was a great book!  There were 6 of us at the meeting who had read the book, and we all agreed it was fantastic.  Sure, it had some parts that we all could have done without, but it was written very well and provided lots of thought and discussion.  I highly recommended it!

Saturday night, we went out to eat with Hubby's family to a wing place.  To say I was excited to be eating wings is an understatement.  Someone at work mentioned wings at work last week, and ever since, I have HAD to have them!  Yummmm...wings :)

Sunday was all about C and Hubby (and Copper too!)  We had a relaxing day at home.  I did feel bad for C though.  At one point Hubby and I thought C really needed to get some energy out, so we got C dressed, sunscreen on and ready to go....only to realize once Hubby and C got to the door that it had started raining!  Oh no!  Since it was a calm rain, Hubby decided to take C on a walk in the rain.  So they grabbed an umbrella and off they went!  It was such a relaxing family day.  I hope to have more in the future!!

Crazy Mushrooms growing outside our building!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Things that make me smile...

I've been having one of those weeks.  You know the kind...everything seems to be working against you, you're always tired, and people just get on your nerves!  I realized I was in this mood, and was thinking about what brings me out of it. 

Here are a few things that make me smile...
  • C waking up in the morning.  He really is the best at waking up with a big smile and long snuggle.
  • Baby Elmo-my mom has a baby Elmo from when my younger sister was little, and C has discovered it.  He loves walking around with him, huging him, and whispering to him.  So sweet!
  • Hubby coming home with a bag of Pretzel M&M's!
  • Walking in the door at the end of a rough day, and having C run up to me with his arms out and a huge smile (usually he ends up turning around and running away before he reaches me, in case I try to pick him up, but still makes me smile!)
  • Watching C and Hubby together. 
  • Feeling the baby kick and know that soon he will be here.
  • Knowing that I can come home after a rough day at work to my guys and they will take care of me.
  • Snuggling on the couch (with either C or Hubby) and watching a movie.
These are just a few things.  They might not be big, but they help me see the light through my bad mood.  I have another ultrasound this afternoon to check on the baby.  He is moving like crazy these days, and I am so excited to see him!

Monday, August 16, 2010


It's Monday....I'm not a huge fan of Monday mornings.  But, today will be a good day!  And I will not fall asleep at work....I hope :)

We had a busy weekend traveling to Mema's house again.  C had a blast and kept everyone on their feet.  Lots of running, soccer, bowling and snacks.  Gotta love Memas!

We started potty training last week.  We're following my moms lead since she's with C most during the day.  Most of my mommy friends are doing the 3-day potty training technique, my mom prefers a more child led approach, which I am all for.  So, C wears underwear, we remind him to sit every 45 min or so, and if he goes great...if not, he gets a new pair of underwear when needed.  Since this is my blog, and I can brag if I want to...last Thursday, C went pee and poop on the potty!  Twice!  That's right, my toddlers a genius at the potty.  However, he was home with daddy on Friday, so he didn't wear any underwear (too many errands to run) and we didn't do the underwear thing at Mema's this weekend...oops.  Also, I might have used a little bribe with my iPhone.  C loves to play games on it, and since I KNEW he had to go, I let him have the phone when he asked to play a game...mommy fail...but he went pee and poopy on the potty, twice! 

My dog stayed the weekend at my parents house while we went to Mema's, I opened his crate this morning at 5:20, and he has yet to come out, it's 6:15.  Tired little puppy!

Hubby took this picture a couple months ago.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am NOT having Twins!!

When I first started showing a couple months ago, a couple people made comments that I looked like I was having twins....I was just happy to be showing!  However, yesterday a stranger asked me when I was due.  When I told her in 3 months, she said "Oh, I've always wanted twins!  How fun!"  Aaaahhhhhh!!!!  I am not having twins and don't think I look THAT big.  I've seen people pregnant with twins, I just don't think I look that big.  Maybe it's because I am carrying so low?  I carried C low as well and got a few comments along the way about how big I was.  Baby and I are both measuring on track, so I know we are fine. 

I guess even pregnant ladies having "fat" days where we don't want to hear how big we are!

Note: I tried to find a picture of me so I can show you my "twin" belly, but I don't have any recent pictures of just me!  I think I need to get from behind the camera and start having others take my picture!  Maybe Hubby can take a few pics soon and I can post them up :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

26 Weeks!

26 weeks! Do you know what that means?? It means I have less than 100 days left until my due date! I could not believe it when I got my weekly email from Baby Center. Less than 100 days!! There is still so much to do, what have I been wasting all my time on! I know I still have time to get everything done, but I really need to stop dragging my feet and start at least thinking about what needs to be done. Washing clothes, store our dining room table (we have a small condo, so we are turning our dining room into a play room for the boys,) go through C’s old toys and things to decide what we need to replace and what can be reused, get a hospital bag ready for me and baby, figure out how we are affording my unpaid maternity leave, and figure out plans for C for while I am in the hospital. Eeekkk…and I know there’s more that I am not thinking of right now!

Okay, freak out over (for now)…26 weeks, the baby is getting more and more real each day. I haven’t had the easiest of pregnancy’s, or the hardest, but I am ready to meet this little guy and get to know him. I cannot wait to see Hubby with another baby (I loved, and still love, watching him with C, nothing sweeter than a guy handling a little baby.) I cannot wait to see how C takes to being an older brother. I cannot wait to see what this little guy looks like, what his personality is like, to count all his little fingers and toes, and to smell the new little baby smell!

Let’s see…26 weeks (less than 100 days…ahhhh!) Baby is about 14 inches long and weighs almost 2 pounds. He’s practicing his breathing, developing some baby fat (so cute!) and is starting to listen in to everyday conversations. Some days he’s very active, but some days not so much, he has become fond of using my bladder as his personal trampoline. He still has no name…we’re getting closer! I’m having some Braxton Hicks contractions, never had any with C, so that’s fun and exciting.  All in all, we’re both doing well. But…less than 100 days! Are you sure I can handle two boys!
Baby is the size of an English Hothouse Cucumber, to be exact.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

I was looking through pictures last night, and found these.  They made me laugh...

Yes, that is underwear on the OUTSIDE of his pants!

What??  Not one pair, but two!?!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

It's been a month since we had a big chagne in the house...C moved to a big boy bed! Hubby and I were all ready for a tough transition. We heard all kinds of stories from other parents about when they moved their kid to a big boy bed. Screaming, refusing to stay in the bed, falling asleep at the door, total meltdowns at bedtimes. However, we were hopeful that since C is such an easy going kid (most of the time) the transition would be easier...and C did not disappoint! He moved to the bed like a champ!

The main thing we did to help ease the transition was go on a family trip to the local Wal-Mart to look at the bedding options. Hubby and I were still looking at the selection when C yells “Yeah!” and starts pointing to the Elmo bedding. I had said that I didn't want Elmo bedding, but it was not for me, so what could I do? We tried showing C some other bedding options, but nope, only Elmo made him beam with happiness. He held onto that bag of bedding for the rest of the trip like his little life depended on it!

So, I think along with his personality, the ownership of having picked out his own bedding (he had been using the same sheets since he was born!) helped with the transition. He loves his bed!

The morning after his first night!  (Taken with my phone, sorry about quality.)

I was able to sneak in and take a picture.

Or not, he's peaking out of one little open eye!

I LOVE my big boy bed!

Note: We are now a month into the big boy bed and C has figured out he can leave the bed all on his own! The last couple of nights have led to him sleeping on the floor by his door! Oh well...maybe he'll start sleeping in his bed again some day :)

Weekend and Water Update!

Wow! What a weekend! I started Saturday off with hosting a book club. I had 3 fabulous ladies over (usually there’s more, but with summer those last minute plans/illnesses take over!) We talked about The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Have you read it? It’s actually a children’s book, but I loved it! I thought it was a great book and really touched on the topic of growing up. There is so much to say, but I don’t want to give anything away! I know the book isn’t for everyone, so I promise if you read it and don’t like it, I won’t be hurt!

Next it was off to a surprise birthday party for my big(gest) sister! Her birthday isn’t until this Saturday, but we figured she would be more surprised if it was early than on the day of! We had a pool party at my niece’s house (her daughter put the whole thing together and did a great job!)

Not to take away from my sister, but did you notice the POOL party part? Remember the water phobia we’ve been dealing with? Well, a couple nights before, we finally got C to take a bath without as much screaming and flailing, all we had to do was sing the song “Goldfish” by Laurie Berkner! Who knew?!?

Anyway, we got to my niece’s house and C saw the pool and was so excited! Hubby and I looked at each other, shrugged, and asked C if he wanted his bathing suit on to go in the pool, “Yeah!” was the response we got. Once again, we looked at each other shrugged. This is what happened….

Fun in the pool with daddy!

I want to get in...but don't help!

He climbed onto the step all by himself!  He actually stayed on the step for awhile, just chillin' and splashin'!

And a cupcake to finish to the day!

We did not leave the pool for the rest of the party! We missed the birthday girl showing up at the party, we almost missed singing Happy Birthday, and we missed talking to a lot of people at the party who didn’t swim. Oh well…C had a great time and did not want to leave! We were just so excited about his excitement that we didn’t want to discourage the water fun!

So, maybe we on our way out of water phobia…or maybe he was just so excited to play with all his cousins, aunts, Poppy, and daddy in the water that that overrode the desire to run as far away as possible screaming from the water on that one day.