Thursday, February 16, 2012

We need a break...

Seriously....Hubby and I need a break.  Since December, I can probably count on one hand that number of times the kids haven't had a fever, headache, runny nose, flu, vomiting, couch, wheezing, or teething.  I'm not kidding!

This week alone, C went to the doctor on Monday because he started to run a high fever with no other symptoms, the diagnosis?  We don't know!  You read that right, no idea.  Just a fever that went away Tuesday and he was back in school on Wednesday.  Today though?  Both boys (yes, both boys) have fevers.  Just a few minutes ago, C started coughing.  So?  Back to the doctor tomorrow.  We normally wouldn't take them just for a mild fever and nothing else, but Hubby and the boys are supposed to take a trip this weekend.

To my kids...if you're reading this...please, please, please stop getting sick.  Daddy and I need sleep!  We are tired, and getting sick ourselves.  We love you, but sometimes in the middle of the night when we still haven't been to bed, and we've only had 6 hours sleep the last 4 days, we need to remind ourselves that we love you so much, and that (hopefully) we will be getting sleep again soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bowling in the House!

I've mentioned in the past that C is bowling obsessed.  Lately, bowling has been pushed to the side for Mario love...until N picked up the slack!  We now hear him walk around the house saying "mmmbow ball".  How do we know he's saying bowling ball?

Most conversations are as followed:
N walking around the house with a ball in his hand "mmmbow ball"
Hubby or I: "Is that a ball?"
N looking at us like we have three heads: "Nooooooo"
Hubby or I: "Is that a bowling ball?"
N looking like we have three heads and no IQ whatsoever: "Yeah"

C got a really cool bowling arcade-type game for Christmas and we heard it come on the other day, but C was sitting on the couch, so I went in to explore....and this is what I found...

Can bowling love be in the genes?