Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sick Kid

Having a sick kid is never fun!  Having a sick kid the week before school starts is just mean and cruel.  Poor C started having a runny nose on Saturday, we're pretty sure because of allergies.  On Sunday morning he woke up with a fever and cough.  We were still thinking allergies just getting out of control so we started him on some breathing treatments, and that seemed to help with his nap.  But at bedtime, his cough was worse, his fever was higher and the treatment only helped for a short time.  Poor guy was up most of the night.  We finally brought him to our bed because then we could at least sleep and he could sit there looking us...seriously, that's all he really wanted to do (well, that and watch a movie.)  Basically between Saturday night with his runny nose and Sunday night with his cough, no one in the house got much sleep (except maybe the dog!) 

I took C to the doctor yesterday, and she agrees it probably started as allergies, but quickly evolved into something else.  Either bronchitis or pneumonia (don't worry anyone we saw on Saturday, pretty sure he was not contagious then, just developed quickly due to allergies.)  So she prescribed some pretty heavy duty things to help knock out bronchitis and we go back today to see if it's working.  I think it is.  His fever didn't get as high last night, and he slept a lot more last night.  If we go back though and he's still wheezing, and not responding at all to his treatment like yesterday, he will be sent for chest x-rays :(  Fingers crossed!!! 

Anyway, sorry if this was jumbled.  While I slept more last night than the two nights before, I was still up a couple times listening at the door to make sure he was breathing okay.  Can I just say that one of the saddest sounds in the world is the sound of a little guy not being able to breath...especially while they sleep. 

C insisted on doing his treatment himself!  What a big guy!

A lot has happened since my last post, and I hope to get something up soon!  Life is crazy, and I had hoped for a few more months before I lost so much sleep at night!  Hope everyone is having a great week and someone out there is getting all the sleep I am not :)

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  1. Aw, poor C! Hope he starts doing better soon! And I hope you get some sleep!!!