Friday, October 29, 2010


C and I had a great time a couple weekends ago making cookies.  This was our first big cooking project together. 

We measured...

 and stirred...

 showed off our batter...


and baked!!!

Most importantly, we enjoyed!!

We made Soft Pumpkin Cookies.  I got the recipe off an allergy email I received.  We used egg replacer instead of eggs, and you couldn't even tell!  The best part is that the recipe told how to make the cookies gluten free and free of other allergens! 

I think C had a good time baking and can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Alive!

Wow!  Once again it's been awhile, sorry about that.  I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I am alive, well and still pregnant.  Sorry for the confusion the last post may of caused :) 

So, yes, still pregnant.  There is an end in sight though!  I am 37 weeks, which is what I was when I was induced with C due to no growth on his part.  Because of my history of growth restriction, and a few other indicators, my doctor told me today that they will not let me carry past 39 weeks.  That means baby will be here within the next 2 weeks!  2 WEEKS!  I am so ready for this baby, but it makes it much more real to hear something like "We will induce you at 39 weeks if you haven't naturally had this baby by then."  I find out next week the exact date of my induction.  Of course, this is all assuming my last ultrasound tomorrow (Friday) goes well.  I have no reason to think that something is going wrong, but I thought that with C 2.5 years ago also. 

Things have been busy.  And because I am such a good friend who keeps up with email correspondences, I will answer a question a friend asked in my blog instead of emailing her back...I know, best friend material right there :)  Am I nesting?  The short answer is yes!  The long answer is, I want everything ready now and not a minute later!!  Pretty sure I'm driving Hubby crazy with my rearranging, starting projects, shopping, talking about shopping, comparing, and whatever else it is my nesting has decided to involve. 

I have also been soooo tired and suffering from swollen feet.  I did decide that a mid afternoon nap was in order, so I cut my work hours by 2.5 hours.  I am now out of work by 12:30 every day and so far I have taken a 2.5 hour nap every day except one when I met my oldest sister and cousin for lunch.  I have found my mood is better, and I'm able to stay up a little later at night, which means a little more me and Hubby time after C goes to bed. 

We've also had some fun family activities the last couple weeks.  I am going to work on getting some posts together and scheduled to share all the Fall Family Fun we've had! 

Oh, I do have to share the highlight of the last couple of weeks with you.  So, just to prove how cool Hubby and I still are, the highlight is....our double stroller!  Last week at my checkup, I found out I was 1 cm dilated, so my in-laws decided to surprise us with our double stroller!!!  I know, cool personified, that's us! 

So, no promises, but stay tuned for some pretty cool posts about this cool family :)

Our stroller.  The Chicco Cortina Together.  (Nerd, I know!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last Friday I had another ultrasound, the baby looks great!  This was the time in my pregnancy with C that we thought everything was going great, only to go in in a couple weeks and find out he wasn't gaining any weight.  This baby is already about 5.5lbs, and C was born at 4lb he's already bigger than his big brother!  Seeing the baby and realizing that he's really going to be here in a couple weeks, got my butt in gear and I started nesting!  Woohoo!!!  So excited to have some things done!  Hubby and I had a productive 3 day weekend rearranging our house, cleaning, buying, folding, and arguing discussing.  Pulling out all the baby clothes for C made me very nostalgic though.  The clothes are so tiny!  It was very weird to look at size Preemie clothes and remember how they were even too big on C for the first week or two of his life.  Of course, remembering and looking at old stuff made me look at baby pictures of C.  C had fun looking at the pictures too!  I kept telling him that was him, and I think he got it...he would point to the picture of him and then point to himself.  He looked so proud.  Here are a few of my favorite!

 Copper meeting C for the first time.

Copper watcing over C. 

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend!  And if you didn't get a 3 day weekend, maybe you were able to slack a little at work :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,
Hi, it's me, HC.  I know it's been a while, and I am soooooo sorry.  I will never go so long without writing in you AGAIN!  Things have just been so crazy, I don't even know where to begin....

Yup, if you ever find any of my many diaries from middle school or high school, about every third page will start like this!  I was never very good at keeping up with them, but this blog is different, I promise! 

First, let me apologize for the unannounced break.  I was not expecting it, but things were getting crazy!  First of all, everything and everyone is fine.  Unfortunately, I started to feel overwhelmed and like things were getting away from me.  I was exhausted and was feeling like something had to give.  Without realizing it, the blog just kinda stopped.  I did realize the other day that I was missing something, and it took me a minute to realize that it was blogging.  I enjoy blogging and getting ideas out, maybe venting a little, or at least expressing my opinion on things!  Trust me, I would have rather given up work, but that was not an option :) 

So, it might take me a little while, but I will get back to blogging regularly.  I just need to learn to take things slower and not stress so much over the things I can't change.  Right now I'm trying to live by this prayer...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'll write again soon :)