Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Friday!

It's Friday and it couldn't have come sooner! This has been a looooong week, but now time for a three day weekend...starting at 12:15! Yay! I have a fun couple of days ahead of me. I am leaving work early (woohoo!!) to go for an ultrasound :) I am so excited to see this little baby! I will let you all know how it goes. Tomorrow morning I am getting together with some awesome ladies for Sex and the City 2, can't wait! Then I will still have 2.5 days to spend with my boys, life can't get much better. Oh, and I might be meeting a great friend of mine for Friendly's ice cream...I can hear the banana split calling my name (what, I'm pregnant, I'm allowed!)

Sorry for all the exclamation points, I am looking forward to the extra day off and all the friends I will get to see! What's everyone else up to this weekend?

Some people amaze me...

I have had so many different reactions to people finding out I'm pregnant again. The most annoying are the people who say "Oh, two under the age of 5, hope you know what you're getting yourself into!" Yes, I have heard that...and yes, I have an idea of what I am getting myself into. I think it's very hard to know exactly what we're getting into without a crystal ball! Most reactions are of course those of excitement. Like when I told a group of friends a couple weekends ago, they all jumped and hugged and we talked baby for an hour instead of the book we were supposed to be talking about...oops. And when my sisters found out and they grabbed my belly and started talking to it right away, that was fun.

However, there was one reaction that made me stop and wonder. I was in a group of parents and when they found out I was expecting again, the moms in the group were all excited and giving hugs and asking questions. The one dad in the group, said "Congrats, that's gre...wait, you said November? You know that means the baby will miss the cut off for school, right?" I didn't know how to respond! After a second of silence in the room I just said "Yes I realize that, but that's not one of my top concerns for having a healthy baby." Should I have said something else? Maybe. But what?? Personally, I would rather have a child miss the cut off for school, than have a summer birthday (not that there's anything wrong with them!) My little sister's birthday (and my older sister for that matter) are both in the summer. I saw my little sister have trouble getting other kids from her class to come to her birthday party because school wasn't in session. My birthday is during the school year, and it was so nice to be able to celebrate with my friends and have them all come to my party.

Are my priorities messed up because I thought of my kids birthday party over school cut-off for entering school? Maybe. But enjoy a few more pics of C's birthday party while you think about it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food Allergies

I mentioned in my first post that my son has food allergies. He is allergic to eggs, peanut and tree nuts. We are hopeful that he will out grow these allergies in time. We carry an epi-pen with us, because you can never tell how a child will react to their allergen, especially nuts. I have been struggling with the idea of putting C into a school setting, and mostly because of food allergies. Right now, he is with my mom every day, and my mother-in-law once a week, and we trust them both 100%...but how can I trust teachers, even if I know them?

I was reading another blog,, written by a local mom who has children with different allergies in the public school system. Her daughter has food allergies, and she, along with other parents in the area, are working hard to fight for Food Allergy Awareness. One post really made me sad and even more apprehensive about putting C anywhere other than with family. She writes about how hard it is to make sure all children are safe with food being served in the classroom (not just food allergy issues, but other dietary restrictions as well.) I actually started to cry reading this particular post because I was picturing C sitting in class with his friends, waiting to celebrate a birthday...but he's not actually sitting with his friends, he's sitting at a table of his own (to reduce the risk of cross-contamination,) eating a rice krispy treat while the rest of the kids are eating cupcakes.

Is making classrooms food free the right thing to do? I can see how some would say no, why should their child be punished because of my child's food allergies? To which, I have to ask, why should my child be punished for something he cannot help? He cannot help the fact that he has food allergies. He cannot help the fact that eggs make him break out in hives or that accidentally eating the smallest sliver of a peanut might make him stop breathing. Is it fair to take cupcakes and other treats away from the children who CAN eat all these foods with no restrictions? I say yes. Yes because it is taking something away from ALL children, and not just the 1 or 2 that have dietary restrictions. What's wrong with having the birthday kids parents come in a read a special book, or if they can't come in, send in a special book for the teacher to read. Or something else just as fun that ALL children can enjoy, not just some.

Would it really be so horrible for children to not have junk food while at school? Not thinking about dietary restrictions and food allergies for a minute, wouldn't taking unhealthy snacks and rewards away help with childhood obesity? Kids love stickers and stickers are cheap, that's all I have to say about that!

Enjoy this picture of my wonderful little guy enjoying the completely safe birthday cake his Nanny made him :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My 2 year old son, C, is obsessed with bowling! Any kind of bowling...knocking pins down, knocking bottles over, Wii bowling and even bowling alley bowling. We are convinced that he dreams about bowling. Many mornings I have gone into his room to wake him up, and before his little eyes even open he will mumble "I bowl, I strike." It is very cute...most of the time.

Friday, May 21, 2010

And the blog begins...

Well, I'm gonna do it! My husband first suggested I start a blog when we found out our son, C, has food allergies. He thought a blog would be a good way to talk about what we were going through figuring out C's diet, how severe his allergies are, and maybe help someone else out there in a similar situation. Well, that was over a year ago! Then two friends from college started their own blogs, and I loved the way they could talk about what has going on, and how much I was learning about them! I mentioned the crazy idea my husband had about me (ME!) starting a my surprise, they agreed. I am, with lots of feet dragging and pep-talks from everyone, starting my own blog.