Thursday, January 20, 2011

Air & Space Museum *Picture Overload*

C has been fascinated with planes lately, so what better way to spend a day off work and school than by visiting the local branch of the National Air & Space Museum.  We were joined by my dad, I think he was as excited as C to go see the planes!  We weren't sure what to expect, but it couldn't have been a better day to visit.  We saw lots of families there like ours, but it wasn't too crowded at all!  The lighting wasn't the best for taking flash and the pictures were a little dark, with flash the pictures were washed out!  But, we did get some good ones, take a look!

This was my favorite!

Pilot C, reporting for duty!
Space Shuttle

We had such a great time, and didn't even get to everything because someone  was tired and needed to get home for a nap!  Hopefully we will be able to go again soon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Day

So my maternity leave was supposed to be over today (booo!) but because of road conditions, we had an ice day!  (yay for not having to go to work yet, but boo for the bad roads)  The whole parking lot of our community was a big sheet of ice, and so were our cars and the sidewalk.  For some reason nothing got pretreated.  However, last week we had some snow and they were out shoveling and treating as the snow was falling, even at midnight!  So, because we couldn't safely walk to the car, let alone drive in the parking lot, Hubby was home!  So, I got to spend my first day back to work (heehee) with all my boys! 

We didn't do much...really we did nothing.  Hubby and I took turns taking a nap (I will admit that I got a better nap than he did) and C is running around right now with a pajama top, diaper, babylegs, and socks, I didn't forget to list pants.  N is sleeping in his swing and Copper islaying on the couch.  Hubby and I are catching up on TV shows between playing with C and holding N. 

It's dinner time and I am thinking of all the things that we should have done today.  Oh well...we all need days to lay around and do nothing.  We had a fun day yesterday visiting the local Air & Space museum, I'll be sure to post about that soon!  I promise, really :) 

Oh, and because I am on top of all things cool, I finally started a Twitter account.  I'm not sure yet how much I will use it, so we'll see!  But, I would love to stay up to date on all you are doing!  Snot and Tot twitter page

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy 2011 everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and fun New Year's celebration. 

We had a beautiful "White Country Christmas" at Mema's house.

We spent New Year's Eve celebrating with some friends.  It was a lot of fun, but also a little hard because it was the first time we left N with someone (his grandparents) for longer than 30 min!  But C and N did great, and I did okay as well. 

For the New Year, I am hoping to start blogging on a more regular basis, lose the last of my baby weight, and get into better shape. 

What about you?  Any big resolutions or changes you want to make for the new year?