Tuesday, August 10, 2010

26 Weeks!

26 weeks! Do you know what that means?? It means I have less than 100 days left until my due date! I could not believe it when I got my weekly email from Baby Center. Less than 100 days!! There is still so much to do, what have I been wasting all my time on! I know I still have time to get everything done, but I really need to stop dragging my feet and start at least thinking about what needs to be done. Washing clothes, store our dining room table (we have a small condo, so we are turning our dining room into a play room for the boys,) go through C’s old toys and things to decide what we need to replace and what can be reused, get a hospital bag ready for me and baby, figure out how we are affording my unpaid maternity leave, and figure out plans for C for while I am in the hospital. Eeekkk…and I know there’s more that I am not thinking of right now!

Okay, freak out over (for now)…26 weeks, the baby is getting more and more real each day. I haven’t had the easiest of pregnancy’s, or the hardest, but I am ready to meet this little guy and get to know him. I cannot wait to see Hubby with another baby (I loved, and still love, watching him with C, nothing sweeter than a guy handling a little baby.) I cannot wait to see how C takes to being an older brother. I cannot wait to see what this little guy looks like, what his personality is like, to count all his little fingers and toes, and to smell the new little baby smell!

Let’s see…26 weeks (less than 100 days…ahhhh!) Baby is about 14 inches long and weighs almost 2 pounds. He’s practicing his breathing, developing some baby fat (so cute!) and is starting to listen in to everyday conversations. Some days he’s very active, but some days not so much, he has become fond of using my bladder as his personal trampoline. He still has no name…we’re getting closer! I’m having some Braxton Hicks contractions, never had any with C, so that’s fun and exciting.  All in all, we’re both doing well. But…less than 100 days! Are you sure I can handle two boys!
Baby is the size of an English Hothouse Cucumber, to be exact.


  1. Dude seriously, this pregnancy is FLYING by! I hope you come to book club in a couple weeks so I can see you before the baby gets here! :)

    You definitely can handle two boys - you and hubby have a great temperament for it!

  2. Yes, you can handle two boys, you're a wonderful mom! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!