Monday, August 16, 2010


It's Monday....I'm not a huge fan of Monday mornings.  But, today will be a good day!  And I will not fall asleep at work....I hope :)

We had a busy weekend traveling to Mema's house again.  C had a blast and kept everyone on their feet.  Lots of running, soccer, bowling and snacks.  Gotta love Memas!

We started potty training last week.  We're following my moms lead since she's with C most during the day.  Most of my mommy friends are doing the 3-day potty training technique, my mom prefers a more child led approach, which I am all for.  So, C wears underwear, we remind him to sit every 45 min or so, and if he goes great...if not, he gets a new pair of underwear when needed.  Since this is my blog, and I can brag if I want to...last Thursday, C went pee and poop on the potty!  Twice!  That's right, my toddlers a genius at the potty.  However, he was home with daddy on Friday, so he didn't wear any underwear (too many errands to run) and we didn't do the underwear thing at Mema's this weekend...oops.  Also, I might have used a little bribe with my iPhone.  C loves to play games on it, and since I KNEW he had to go, I let him have the phone when he asked to play a game...mommy fail...but he went pee and poopy on the potty, twice! 

My dog stayed the weekend at my parents house while we went to Mema's, I opened his crate this morning at 5:20, and he has yet to come out, it's 6:15.  Tired little puppy!

Hubby took this picture a couple months ago.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!! 

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  1. Potty training is definitely NOT something I'm looking forward to when the hubby and I have kids. I wish you could magically snap your fingers and have it done - like Mary Poppins!