Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gathering Mode

I have this need lately to just buy stuff for the baby and C. I want to have everything in my house RIGHT NOW. I’m not necessarily in nesting mode where I want to clean and put everything away, it’s just this need to have everything and know it’s there! I’m trying to curb this need by looking online and making wish lists…I have a wish list probably at every store that has one I can keep private (Babies R Us, Target, AbbysLane, etc.)

I am also researching all I can. I’m a big researcher. You know that kid in school who was always in the library looking things up and had lots of note cards? Yeah, that was me; however, I was usually the person who turned in all papers late because I got burned out on research and didn’t really want to put it into paper form! What am I researching? Everything I can think of…the best double stroller, whether I will really need a double stroller, raising two boys, potty training my toddler, the best baby products...the list goes on and on! It’s crazy!

(I remember doing a lot of research when I was pregnant with C, but never really looked into the whole giving birth part. I remember hearing I had to go to the hospital that night and I would be induced the next morning and thinking...Wait! I need to read a book really quick…it was crazy!)

This is a diaper cake my mom made me for my shower with C!

Now if only I could get in nesting mode…my house really needs it!

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