Friday, July 16, 2010

Very Thankful

I am very thankful for a great Hubby, great family and great friends.  Without them, I might be going crazy!

I have been put on bed rest.  It really does sound like fun at first...what?  I'm not allowed to get out of bed?  I'm not allowed to change diapers?  I'm not allowed to cook dinner?  Great!...not so much!  I am lucky that as of now I am only on short term bed rest, so hopefully by Saturday afternoon/ Sunday morning, I will be able to walk around without fear of pain. 

Everything is fine with the baby, I had some spotting and then bleeding starting on Sunday night.  The bleeding has nothing to do with the baby though, it has to do with my "special" uterus (meaning the doctors don't really know what is up with my uterus, it's just different and causing problems!)  The biggest fear though is that if it happens again, it might start affecting the baby.  I have decided to just think of this as a reminder that I can't do everything.  I need to take breaks, I need to ask for help, and it's okay if I don't do everything on my own. 

I will admit that I am bummed though...really good friends of mine are getting married this weekend, and because it's 3 hours away, the doctor doesn't want me to risk going.  Hubby is in the wedding, so he's already on his way down so he can make the rehearsal.  So, C is at my sisters house for the weekend, Hubby is at a wedding for the weekend, the dog is at my parents, and I am home with peace and quiet with my feet up watching TV, reading books, and finally blogging.  As much as I always wish for a weekend alone, with nothing to do but what I want, this is not the weekend I would have picked.  Luckily, my friends are awesome.  The Bride and Groom were awesome about me missing the wedding, and even the possibility of Hubby missing it if things didn't start to look up.  And other friends have been great about offering help and support...and to take lots of pictures of the wedding!  And offering to come keep me company over the weekend!

So, while I miss C and Hubby, and wish I was at a wedding, I am going to try to enjoy the time alone.  Hopefully I will be off bed rest for good after Sunday and everything will be smooth sailing after that!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about this - like you said, hopefully you'll be good to go by the end of the weekend! Just take this as some time for you and the little one you're growing - I mean, now's as good time as any to introduce him to crappy reality TV right?!

  2. Hahaha...funny you should mention reality TV...I am totally watching season 1 and 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!