Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Register or Not to Register...

It was never a question when I was pregnant with C, we had our 20 week ultrasound and found everything was looking great and we were having a boy!  It was right before Christmas, so we waited until we got home to register, but we headed into Babies R Us to become overwhelmed and look at all the wonderful things they make for babies.  We picked out a few things and decided to wait for another weekend to finish because it really was overwhelming...but a registry was made! 

Now, I'm 23 weeks, there's talk of a possible baby party (shower,) but I still don't I register?  I can see both side so of the argument, not only is this our second baby, but they will be the same gender and only 2.5 years apart.  Yes, we have most of the big things still from C, and are planning on reusing everything that we can.  Sure, there are a few big things (double stroller, some things that we never had for C, that we would like this time around) but we don't expect others to by them for us.  Of course, there's always those small, every baby needs items like diapers, wipes, lotions, breastfeeding items, etc.  And of course, there are those friends and family who want to buy a gift, but don't know what we already have, what we need or what we like.  So a registry would help them.  (Of course we know that a lot of people don't shop off the registry, but it's there for those that need it.)  But, do you register?

I've tried looking it up online and of course the opinions on varied!  I'm the first in our immediate group of friends to have a second child, so I am setting a precedent about stressful!  I do know of people who have had parties for their second (or more) child and have registered, I also know people who have not.  So, do I register? 

What do you think?  Is registering for a second (or more) child tacky?  Or is it super helpful?  Or does it make no difference either way? 

For the record, I think that a party for every child is okay, every child is different and deserves a party.  Would registering make it look like you are only after the gifts?



  1. I think word of mouth is the best way to go. If people aren't sure of what you need they can always ask the people/family who sent the invitation!

  2. I have three children. People threw me showers for all three. And I registered for all three.

    The thing is. Aside from a few random old people and mothers-in-law, no one really cares if you register for a second baby. They'll be all "Oh thank God I don't have to wander the aisles of Target for two hours trying to decide between onesies and diapers". I personally find it extremely frustrating when people don't register, especially if they knew ahead of time that they were being given a shower. If someone wants to do that for you, then go for it.

  3. I don't know! I think you should definitely have a baby shower and celebrate this little boy, but I don't know about the whole registering thing. If you want to, I say go for it, don't worry about what others will think.