Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Things have been a little crazy around here! On Monday, we noticed our dog wasn't really acting like himself...not chasing C around, not eating the food C threw him from his chair at lunchtime, just generally not feeling well. But, last night he seemed to be doing a lot better, and today even better! Maybe he had a little doggy bug?
Pictures by the wonderful Hubby!

I mentioned on Friday that I had an ultra sound. Well, everything looks great! I'm considered high risk for a couple of reasons, so I am lucky enough to get an ultrasound every month during my pregnancy. Not that I'm happy to be high risk, but looking on the bright side! I was only 15 weeks, so they usually don't tell you what you are having, but my ultrasound tech was nice enough to take a guess...and she thinks a boy! C will love having a little brother to play around with :)

Pregnancy is so weird and really messes with your mind! Last night Hubby was nice enough to stop and get Chipotle for dinner because I was stressing a little over the dog. I was soooo excited for my steak bowl, and when I first opened it, it looked so good. But then I went to the fridge to get something, and I saw watermelon. I sat down to eat my bowl, and I couldn't stop thinking about watermelon, and my bowl tasted all wrong. So, the bowl went into the fridge for lunch today, and I ate two big bowls of watermelon for dinner! Yummy!!
C one year ago enjoying some watermelon at a family gathering!


  1. Hooray for boys! Haha, and I do that about food and I'm not pregnant. (Uh-oh!)

  2. Oh, and I'm glad the pup is doing better!