Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mean Mommy

I felt like such a mean mom this morning!  Going back to my bowling obsessed child, he walked out the door this morning with 2 bowling pins (one of which is a dog toy!)  Usually I don't mind if he takes his pins to my moms house (she watches him while Hubby and I are at work) but for some reason this morning, I didn't want him to take them...I have no idea why, I'm blaming pregnancy craziness.  Pregnancy is a very handy excuse to have, just sayin'!  Anyway, he has a musical, piano-ish type toy in the car so I talked him into taking that into Nannys house instead of his pins.  Well, we get inside and he gets very clingy and when I pick him up for our hug and kiss good-bye, he just puts his head down and said in the saddest, smallest voice ever "I booooowl."  So I look into his sweet face and ask if he wants his pins from the car, he got very excited, jumped down, ran to the door and yelled "YEAH!!!"  So we walked out to the car, got his pins and he kissed me good bye with a huge smile.  I felt like the meanest mommy ever for trying to talk him out of the pins in the first place.


And throw!


  1. Aw! This bowling obsession cracks me up! (And side note, C is getting so big! It's like he's growing up or something - could you tell him to cut it out?)

  2. I have put the request in Becky! We'll see if he respond to yours better than mine :)