Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Name

Names are being thrown around the house like crazy these days.  Hubby and I will, in the middle of a conversation, randomly say a name, then we stop our other conversation and contemplate that name.  The other day a name was thrown out, I can't get it out of my mind!  I don't know of that means it's "the one" or if I am just trying to decide if it would be appropriate to use for a baby. 

The name?  Dexter.  I really really like this name.  I like the nickname Dex, also.  I looked it up and it is of English origin and means "dryer of clothes."  It hasn't been in the top 100 since the 70's, but did rank 545 in 2009, so it's still hanging in there. 

A pretty harmless name all in all.  However, Dexter is also the name of the serial killer in the Showtime series Dexter.  Hubby and I love this show, who doesn't like a lovable serial killer who only kills those who have escaped the law somehow? 

What do you think?  What I wouldn't want to happen is people to find out Dexter's name and say "like the show on Showtime" or "oh, wasn't that the name of the serial killer from Showtime?"

(photo from Baby Center)


  1. First off, LOVE the new layout/design!!! Haha, yeah I automatically think of the Showtime show when I hear the name Dexter, but I also think that's a cute name!

  2. I do too! I love that show and if I met a kid named Dexter, it would the first thing I thought of. Maybe if his name was just Dex? Technically it's a nickname but it's your baby and you can do what you want! :)