Friday, June 25, 2010

Product Placement

We went to the video store this weekend.  Walking through the parking lot C started to get very excited and wanted to run.  Once we got to the sidewalk, we let him go and he ran right to the video store and started to yell "BOWL, I BOWL."  It was a poster of Wii Resorts and there was a little picture of the bowling on the bottom of the poster.  We finally got him inside the store, he looked around, and ran over to the shelves.  With me right behind him "C, don't touch anything, be careful" he grabbed two boxes off the shelf.  Can you guess what they were?  Yup, Wii Resorts.  He was so excited he started yelling again "BOWL, I BOWL" and Hubby and I responded, "Yes, you bowl."  Very sweet and cute, but boy, that kid can recognize his game :)

Super Wii!!
(Sorry about bad quality, taken with my phone!)

To finish the story on a non-C note.  While we were telling C "yes, bowling, you like to bowl" there was a guy at the register checking out saying "no, that's Resorts, there's no bowling."  Uh, excuse me, I believe my 2 year old knows more about this subject than you.  Of course, I didn't say that, I responded with "I'm pretty sure it does since he plays it a lot" the guy insisted on arguing more!  Really?  Just drop it if you think I'm wrong, do you really need to argue with me?  But it was settled when Hubby (at the back of the store) and the check out guy at almost the same time said "Yes it does."  Ha!  My two year old and I know more than you!  (But why did the guy only stop arguing when two guys said I was right?  Why couldn't he have believed me?  It's so not fair being female sometimes!)

Have a great Friday!!

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  1. I agree, it's like the women's rights movement never happened sometimes!