Tuesday, June 22, 2010

19 Weeks!

Wow!  Where does the time go?  I can't believe I'm 19 weeks pregnant already! 

According to Baby Center:
The baby is is about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches from head to bottom.  About the size of a large heirloom tomato!  His arms and legs are in proportion to the rest of his body.  His kidneys are still making urine and hair is starting to sprout on his scalp! 

As for me, I am starting to feel more movement.  Not so much kicks as heavy feelings in my stomach that feel harder (when feeling from the outside) than other areas on my stomach.  If I am at just the right angle I can feel little flutter kicks...so sweet!  I have some energy back, but still get tired easily.  I get up a lot to go to the bathroom, which can be a pain.  And my back is starting to hurt, ugh!  But overall I am feel really well, and get more and more excited each day! 

My next doctors appointment is with the high risk OB on July 2.  I will be getting a level 2 ultrasound, which means they will measure all the different parts of the baby and make sure everything is growing like it should.  (And if we're lucky, the dr will confirm it's a boy!)  It was actually at this appointment with C that we had the first indicator that he would be a small baby. 

Hubby and I are still discussing names.  Any ideas??


  1. 19 weeks - you're almost halfway through! Glad to hear everything is still going well!

  2. Names are a horror for me. With this one (our third, now 4 months old), I was 36 weeks pregnant and we STILL had no idea what we were naming her.

    Somehow we figured out, but it was ridiculous. Especially since she was born just a week later.

  3. I still really like Trevor...