Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Wow!  What a busy, emotional weekend.  Saturday, Hubby and I went to the Virginia Tech game.  I picked this game because it was supposed to be relaxing and easy on me, meaning I should have been able to just sit and relax after the first quarter...yeah, that did not happen.  It was pouring rain and, well, let's just say the team had some issues.  Yes, we lost, and all I'm going to say about it is it sucked.  We had a lot of fun before the game hanging out with family. 

Hubby and I before the game!  Excuse the lack of make up :)
We woke up at 6am to drive 4 hours and then left right after the game, soaking wet to drive another 4!

Sunday was spent relaxing and trying to get over the game Saturday.  A very lazy day until 3:00.  There was a back to school picnic at school.  C had a great time showing Hubby his cubby (but didn't want to go near his classroom!) and playing.  They had a bouncy slide that Hubby took him on, not once, but twice, and a smaller bounce house that C did not want to leave.  We were supposed to have a carousel as well, but the one they delivered was broken, so it turned into what I called the "Photo Op Carousel" and a co-worker called a "Statue of a Carousel."  We all had a lot of fun! 

Pointing out his cubby, also known as where his hat goes :)

Fun in the bounce house!

C and Hubby waiting for the first slide.


C going down the slide by himself!

So much fun! 

Almost forgot about Firefighter C!


So happy, I love that smile!

And of course, we can't forget how our weekend ended...with a Redskins win against the Cowboys!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a wonderful week!

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  1. I love that picture of C in the fire truck--he looks so small and then the picture of him pointing his cubby, he's so grown up; what a contrast!

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend!