Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vacation, Picture Edition!

Beach...Fun...Sun...Shopping...Pool...Putt-Putt...Eating Out...Can you say vacation!!  We had such a great time getting away from the normal day to day, and what better way to show you, than with pictures!

Warning: there are a lot of pictures in this post, I really tried to narrow it down, but I just couldn't!

On the way to the beach!

 Look at those waves!

Really, mom?

Ummm, they felt the need to make a sign telling me to run in case of Tsunami??

Birthday celebrations!

Brothers, ready for the beach.

C loved being buried in the sand.

First visit to the beach.

Daddy and N!

Beach bum!

Daddy and N (and a glass of wine!)

First time in the pool, loved it!

Happy Family (sleeping baby)

We ate at a German restaurant with really good beer (and food)!

Putt putt is so tiring!

Just a note: I cannot believe I put any pictures of myself in a bathing suit, even if you couldn't see it that well.  Eeekk!!  (Be nice!)


  1. Ohhh! I need to see these's been too long! I can't believe how big N is and those big beautiful brown eyes, he's got such a personality already. You and N look great in that one with the carrier. You guys make such beautiful babies!

  2. That first picture of N's face is GORGEOUS - it took my breath away - SO frame worthy! I also like that he was trying to sip on his dad's beer!

    Looks like a great trip!!!