Thursday, March 17, 2011

March can be over now...

A little note, this post will probably be very wordy.  I apologize.

I usually love March.  The beginning of the month can bring some snow (and snow days!) and by the middle of the month birds are out, flowers are starting to sprout, sun is shining on a semi-regular basis, we get extra time to play outside in the evenings.  Other than a few allergy issues, March is usually pretty awesome.  Well, March of 2011, you can leave now and don't call me, I'll call you.

My family has been sick since March started!  First it was C with a sinus infection.  Next is was C was some kind of respiratory virus and N had a cough for some unknown reason (probably a cold, or just because he's a baby and that's something they do).  Then, Hubby got some kind of tummy issue at the same time that C was up vomiting in the middle of the night.  That lead to Hubby recovering for a couple days, it was the tummy issue that wouldn't leave (I guess it wasn't taking the hint we were ready for him to be gone.)  By the end of the week, C and Hubby were finally able to start thinking about eating, when my throat got scratchy, N got grouchy, and C's ear started dripping like a faucet.  I had strep throat (what???  I thought it was a sinus infection oops!), C had a major ear infection and probable strep throat, and N, my poor little not yet 4 month old, strep!  A couple days go by, N and I are feeling better...C is getting worse.  His antibiotic did not work on his ear infection!  Onto another antibiotic (his third for the month of March).

Baby N not feeling very well.

C's doing so much better, he's eating regularly again, we're thisclose to trying to wear underwear outside the house...then Tuesday happens.  C had a little cough and runny nose when he woke up.  Nothing major.  No need for his neb treatment.  He woke up from nap at school with a horrible cough and couldn't stop coughing the whole way home!  Poor little dude!  We get a treatment in hour later, he's coughing again.  Another treatment, and this one only lasts about 45 min!  We call the doc, head to the ER and are there for about 5 hours!  Who knew the ER was so busy on a Tuesday night?!?  Lots of breathing treatments, an X-ray, and some other meds, we are sent home with instructions to see doc again on Thursday.  And Thursday?  HA!  We thought he was doing better.  He wasn't coughing as much, he wanted to play, no fever since Tuesday night...we're golden, just need another couple days on the nebs and all will be good.  NOPE!  More treatments at doc, put on oxygen, X-rays and two pharmacies later...he's got pneumonia!  Yep...pneumonia.  So March of 2011, you can be over now.  Don't let April hit ya on your way out.

C?  He was a trooper through all this.  Some grouchiness, and sleepless nights, but overall he was a champ.  He's such a happy, good little dude, I couldn't have asked for better!

C getting a neb treatment at the ER.  What a cool mask!

C after his X-ray.  He thought the rolling bed was the best thing ever!  
And loved getting pictures taken "of his insides"!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! What a month you've had indeed!!! Glad you all are at least on the mend now! (And for two sick little boys they still look adorable!)

  2. Holy cow! I can't imagine, especially having to take little ones to the ER. I would have officially freaked out! I hope C is on the mend and no more trips to the ER.

  3. Thanks! C seems to be on the mend...fingers crossed it stays that way!