Thursday, July 19, 2012

Epic Outing Fail

Monday was what I considered my first real summer day off with the boys.  I had some fun things planned.  Ms. Knick Knack (a local children's entertainer) was performing at the town center right next to our house, and I knew the boys would love it.  So, Monday morning, we headed out to see Ms. Knick Knack.

Now, if you don't have experience with children, there is one major rule to planning an outing.  This is something that most parents/caregivers don't tell know, it's one of those things that you just keep to yourself because if you had to figure it out on your own, so should everyone else.  Well, I am going to share this secret with you because I had such an epic fail that I don't want others to experience this.  I want to reiterate that I know this rule...I might have even invited this rule, but I did not follow it.

Rule #1 to planning an outing with kids:  Do NOT, under any circumstance, tell them about said outing until you are there...or at least on your way.  

Sunday night, C asked if we could go to the pool Monday.  I, without thinking obviously, replied "No, we're going to see Mr. Knick Knack tomorrow morning."  Crap...I said it, now not only do we have to do this activity, but C will be up and ready at 4am because he knows what's going to happen.

So, Monday morning (even though N did not sleep well the night before, which would have usually called a halt to anything requiring leaving the house until after nap), we left the house an hour earlier than needed because C was sooooo excited.  Instead of going into the gory details, here's a few pictures to show you just how wrong this day went.

After waking at 4:15am, he finally fell asleep, in my bed, around 7:30.

All good so far.

About 45min later...on our way home.

Since we were there so early, we had to walk around the town center to waste time, which is something I had planned to do after the show so N would be sleepy, and maybe even nap.  Which meant that N had had enough of being out in the heat by the time the show a complete and total meltdown start as soon as the show started.  Poor C was asked to leave early.  I felt so bad.  Not to worry though, a new yogurt place opened up, and between N's screams, C and I went in and he got a bribe treat for the ride home for being such a big boy about leaving early.

I think the hardest part was that neither of my boys are big on tantrums.  Usually, N would just nestle in for a snuggle and go to sleep...but not this day!  Oh well...I'm sure I helped some moms feel extra good about themselves that day and I got some sweet snuggles when we finally got home and out of the car.  

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