Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grab a beer and look at what I did last week!

I didn't get to blog much last week, so I thought I would participate in Grab a beer & look at what I did last week, hosted by Kim at YeP, they are all mine.  

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I was looking forward to a nice, calm week back from the beach.  I pictured catching up with co-workers, go to the playground with the boys, maybe even a glass of wine and movie with the Hubby...on a week night.  But...reality hit, and it hit hard.  

Saturday: Took both boys to the doctor because they both had really bad coughs and mysterious fevers of 102, in the morning only.  N=just a bad cold, but keep a close eye on him.  C=ear infection (that was diagnosed while we were at the beach) was getting better, but he had pneumonia.  

Sunday: Easter.  Had a great visit from the Bunny and then lots of fun hanging out with family.  N was getting crankier and coughing more, and just plain uncomfortable.  C did not seem to get any better

Monday: Took the boys back to the doctor for a follow up from Saturday since they both seemed to get worse.  N=ear infection, possible pneumonia.  C=really wheezy, didn't clear up even with a treatment.  Took C to get x-rays.  Then in the afternoon, C had an ENT appointment because he's had 6 ear infections since November.

Tuesday: Took both boys in for another follow up.  N= still not sounding good, but was clearing up after treatment, so bring back on Thursday unless he gets worse.  C=sounded a little better, but bring him back on Thursday.  I went to work in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Normal day.  C complained that he missed his friends at school, he wasn't contagious, so let him go.  He had a pretty good day.

Thursday: Took both boys to doctor in afternoon.  N=still sounding really yucky, but clearing up after treatments and was soooo much happier, and not needing any pain relief.  C=sounded much better and was able to get his 3 year check up.  Bring them both back on Tuesday before lunch, in case one or both of them isn't better, they will need to get chest x-rays.

Friday: Good day at work, but we lost our baby sitter for our date night.  Then, my niece stepped up and baby sat at my parents house so Hubby and I could go to dinner (sushi, sooo yummy) and a movie (Scream 4...oh my goodness, I LOVE those movies!)  Had a great date night!

Saturday: Lazy day.  But Hubby and I were both so tired from the boys being sick, that we didn't get anything together to celebrate Hubby's birthday :(  Maybe we can get something together this week?

So...that was our week.  I am exhausted just thinking about it all again!  I hope everyone else had a much better week than I did!  I could really use that beer now...or maybe a shot of tequila?


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry they were so sick. I hope they are on the road to recovery now. Happy Birthday to your husband!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by Pink Dandy Chatter. Following you back! Hope you have a great May!

  4. Sorry it took me so long to make it over here!!!

    Anyhoo, what a terrible week! I hope this one has improved. Go take that shot of tequila!!

    Cheers :-)