Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Night in Utero

Tonight we will be having a great big family sing-a-long...wanna join!  My sister R and her daughter gave us 3 CD's when C was born, they were all by an artist named Brady Rymer, the songs are very catchy and fun for even adults.  There is one song in particular that we will be humming along to tonight.  I was going to post a video of the song, but could only find this clip

Here is the chorus and my favorite verse!

It's your last night in utero
Gather all your things and let's go, go, go
Tomorrow you'll be sliding
Through your front door
So tonight you better party down

Say goodbye to the bladder
Say goodbye to the spleen
Say goodbye to all the friends
You have made inside.
'Cause tomorrow your mama's gonna give you
A great, big squeeze!

Heehee..I chuckle every time I hear this song!  There are many songs that C loves to sing along to, I'll have to get some video to post! 


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