Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Back

I have seen very little love for the fall back of the clock this weekend!  I have to say that while I understand why some people wouldn't like it...I LOVE it!  It means Fall is well underway and Winter is almost here!  I love Winter!  I love Fall and Spring even more, but there's something about the cold weather and getting to wear heavy sweaters, and having the holidays as an excuse to pig out indulge in food and drink you usually wouldn't. 

One mom on my Facebook said that falling back with toddlers is not fun.  I guess Hubby and I had it really easy.  Sure, C woke up early, but then he just came and cuddled in our bed for an hour while we slept a little, granted we were still out of bed by 7:00, but getting out of bed so early really did equal getting so much done!  The mom also mentioned the sun going down so early....but I say, what about the sun coming up so early!  I hate waking up to dark, it makes it so much harder to get out of bed!  Plus, some of my favorite memories from being little are from playing outside in the dusk/dark right after dinner with my cousins, catching bugs, playing flashlight tag....all while wearing new clothes! 

I have to say that bedtime was so much easier last night.  We didn't adjust C's bedtime any, we just put him down the usual time, but since it was actually an hour later, he fell right to sleep and slept pretty well during the night!  I say that's a win for the end of daylight savings time!

Ready or comes Winter!!!!  (Not that I am ready to say good-bye to Fall yet!  I love the cool crisp air!)

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