Sunday, August 7, 2011

Surprise gift!

The first part of my training has been over for 1 week!  To celebrate my training being over, and my official move from the office to the classroom...Hubby got me a gift!  It was a surprise gift, with more surprises than he intended!  

Being in the office, I was able to read a few blogs, and tweet a little during the down times.  However, in the classroom, especially with the under 3 down time!  And even if there was, not appropriate to be on the phone tweeting while in the classroom.  So...Hubby got me this to help with my tweeting addiction!

Hahaha!  I love it!  There was a little issue with the delivery, but it got here!  (It was showing delivered, but it wasn't.  Hubby called and found out that this was an issue with a couple other deliveries in the area...not sure what happened, but we do know that the manager was in the area trying to fix the issues!)  My first paper tweet you ask?  


  1. Too cute! When do you officially start in the classroom?