Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going to the Movies

We had another fun milestone with C last week.  Since I've so so busy with my Montessori Infant/Toddler training, and we've had a lot of personal changes, Hubby and I thought we should do something special with C.  So....we took him to the movies!  He LOVED it!  We talked to him ahead of time about going to the "movie house" and watching the "big TV" that would be very loud.

The new experience started with purchasing tickets...

Then, we had to find out seats!  The theater has these neat little boosters that help hold the seat down and raises them up so they can see better.  (Not sure why he's making funny faces...I think he was deeply engrossed in the commercials and was annoyed we were bothering him!)

No movie experience is complete without snacks!

We saw Cars 2, and C loved it!  He did a great job.  He sat very nicely for the first hour or so, and then realized there was a bathroom nearby (only 5 trips during the 2 hours!).  It was also close to naptime, so around the hour mark, he started to look sleepy and (I think) was doing what he could to stay awake (standing in front of his seat...running to the bathroom...climbing in and out of my lap...)  

We think he really enjoyed the whole movie experience, because every time we see something Cars 2, he gets so excited!  And he's telling people all about it when they ask.  I think it was a wonderful experience, and I can't wait until we take him to the next movie :) 

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  1. How wonderful! I am glad he had a great experience! How is the training going?