Monday, June 6, 2011

A Vlog

I'm having a little trouble writing a post right now.  I start a post and start to ramble on and on.  Or I read what I wrote, and just don't like it.  So....I thought I might Vlog.  Here is a little Vlog answering a question from Becky at Love Everyday Life.  Let's see how this goes...

Hahaha...I think I look so silly.  Sorry for the randomness of the Vlog, and I'm not usually so jittery, I blame the baby trying to entertain a baby while recording myself!

Have any more questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please let me know!


  1. Love love LOVE this video blog! It made me laugh when you were like "but nooo, Becky asked..." :) I try.

    Baby N is adorable. And I think part of why I admire you parenting style is because you're so upfront and honest about doing what works and not getting caught up in labels and books. You're an awesome mom!

  2. Sorry, this took me so long to view and write a did a great job and I love seeing N in it too--it was a collaborative project! All parents make mistakes, but I still think you are a GREAT mom. Your kids are so laid back and not worriers and I think that says so much about your parenting style and attributes as parents.

    You should definitely do another vlog, you have a very good presence on camera. Did you record this straight from your mac?