Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bowling in the House!

I've mentioned in the past that C is bowling obsessed.  Lately, bowling has been pushed to the side for Mario love...until N picked up the slack!  We now hear him walk around the house saying "mmmbow ball".  How do we know he's saying bowling ball?

Most conversations are as followed:
N walking around the house with a ball in his hand "mmmbow ball"
Hubby or I: "Is that a ball?"
N looking at us like we have three heads: "Nooooooo"
Hubby or I: "Is that a bowling ball?"
N looking like we have three heads and no IQ whatsoever: "Yeah"

C got a really cool bowling arcade-type game for Christmas and we heard it come on the other day, but C was sitting on the couch, so I went in to explore....and this is what I found...

Can bowling love be in the genes?

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