Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tailgating Fun

It's football season, and that means college football in this house.  We do watch pro also, but college is definitely the priority.  Specifically...the Virginia Tech Hokies.  Hubby's parents are nice enough to give us season tickets every year, but with the addition of the boys, it's harder for both of us to attend the games.  Usually, we try to sell my ticket (I hangout at the tailgate with the boys and another mom friend of mine), or just eat the cost.  However, this year, we decided it was time for something super special and exciting....time to take C to his first college football game!

So, we picked a game where it (wasn't supposed to be) too hot, and was early enough in the day that we thought he could make it at least half the game.

Excited to head into the game!  

Cooling down with a snow cone cup.  (Orange of course.)

Asleep before half time!

We think C had a good time.  It ended up being so hot, that Hubby and his parents spent most of the time trying to make sure he had enough sunscreen on and stayed cool enough!  C did say he liked watching them kick the ball!  

Some other random tailgating pictures...

No tailgate is complete without the food!

N had a great time crawling in the grass!  (And maybe eating a little of it, too!)

Of course, we played a little cornhole.

This face...I just love it!

N with the Hokie Bird.

N hanging out in the his brothers carseat while I packed a little...he thought it was hilarious!

Of course, C wanted to sit somewhere silly.

And, not even 2 miles down the road!

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  1. What a fun day! Love all the pictures - how exciting that you all have started this tradition with the boys!