Thursday, January 20, 2011

Air & Space Museum *Picture Overload*

C has been fascinated with planes lately, so what better way to spend a day off work and school than by visiting the local branch of the National Air & Space Museum.  We were joined by my dad, I think he was as excited as C to go see the planes!  We weren't sure what to expect, but it couldn't have been a better day to visit.  We saw lots of families there like ours, but it wasn't too crowded at all!  The lighting wasn't the best for taking flash and the pictures were a little dark, with flash the pictures were washed out!  But, we did get some good ones, take a look!

This was my favorite!

Pilot C, reporting for duty!
Space Shuttle

We had such a great time, and didn't even get to everything because someone  was tired and needed to get home for a nap!  Hopefully we will be able to go again soon!

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  1. Great pictures! I assume by someone needing to get home to take a nap you meant you, right? :)