Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow

We had our first snow!  I LOVE snow!  When C woke up this morning, I opened the blinds and told him to watch for snow.  He promptly stood on the couch and looked out the window, it was very cute!  When it started to snow, I pointed it out to C (he had stopped looking at this point) and he got so excited.  He started yelling "I dee dow!  I dee dow!"  (translation.."I see snow!  I see snow!")  He then gave me my phone and said "Daddy, I dee dow!"  He wanted to call Hubby and tell him, so of course we did.  I announced to C and N that we were having a pajama day, and we did not have to get out of our pj's all day!  I wasn't sure if C really understood, but he got very excited and started running around yelling "Dow!  Dow!" 

Right before nap, I decided to be brave and take the boys out for a few min, figuring maybe it would help C take a nice nap (sneaky, I know!)  I guess C did understand pajama day because when I told him it was time to get ready to outside, he refused to take him pj's, sweat pants and coat went on over his pj's!  He had a great time.  We only stayed out for a couple minutes because I forgot the blanket to put over N's face to help keep the snow off...oops! 

I love winter, and cannot wait for more snow!  (Especially when I go back to work and it means a snow day!)

Hope everyone else was able to enjoy a fun snow day!  Maybe next time we will attempt a little project, any ideas?

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  1. What a fun day - and great pictures! N's snowsuit is TOO cute!!!